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Cloud Computing
S3 Object Storage

Secure, affordable storage

Cost-effective, scalable storage that integrates into your application scenarios. Protect your data with highly secure servers and individual access control.

S3 Object Storage: Big data volumes, small price tag

S3 Object Storage from IONOS Cloud makes digital transformation easy. Store and manage variable data volumes with full flexibility and cost efficiency. Need adaptable storage for file sharing, backups and archives, or want to store enterprise data, media libraries or unstructured raw data for big data? S3 Object Storage from IONOS Cloud is the ideal solution — even for storing business-critical data.

And thanks to S3 Object Lock, it meets all legal requirements for long-term data storage.

Object Storage S3 UI
Icon: Cube; S3 Object Storage

Native S3 storage

With IONOS Cloud, you get completely native S3 Object Storage that complies with all S3 standards.
Icon: Scalability

Scalable to your needs

S3 Object Storage is a powerful on-demand solution that gives you the highest elasticity for changing requirements.
Icon: ISO certification

Peak data protection

IONOS Cloud is ISO-27001 certified. Your data is protected by some of the world’s most robust privacy policies.
Icon: Safety shield with blue tick

Maximum data security

IONOS Cloud’s multidimensional security concept guarantees the highest level of reliability and enables individually managed access protection.
Icon: Easy integration; Socket and power plug

Ease of use

S3 Object Storage can be integrated easily in automated processes or conveniently accessed via http(s) using the REST API or third-party SDKs.
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Usage-based billing

You only pay for the storage space and time that you actually use. There's no minimum price or contract term.

An ideal basis for your digitalization goals

S3 Object Storage from IONOS Cloud is a high-performance storage solution with high interoperability and compatibility. It’s the perfect starting point for building your hybrid cloud.

  • More cost-efficient than in-house storage
  • Scalable according to the needs of your business
  • No costs for unused storage space
  • Expandable anytime without investing in hardware
  • Extremely reliable and user friendly
  • Georedundant hosting
  • ISO-27001 certified and compliant with the EU's GDPR
  • Audit-proof data storage on request

Object Storage Hybrid Infrastructure

S3 Object Storage features

Secure data centersIONOS Cloud offers maximum security thanks to encrypted, redundant data storage. S3 Object Storage is available in our highly secure data centers in Europe.
High reliabilityFor maximum reliability, IONOS Cloud runs your S3 Object Storage in a highly available setup and backs up your data with local replication. You also have the option to choose georedundant data storage. There’s a charge for primary and georedundant storage usage.
S3 Object Lock for long-term storageOnce an object has been stored, S3 Object Lock protects it from being deleted, modified or overwritten — for years if required. You configure the retention periods according to your needs. If a new version of the same file is uploaded, the system automatically creates an additional version of the document. In this way, S3 Object Lock makes your data auditable and meets the legal WORM ("Write Once Read Many") requirements for long-term data storage.
Individual access protectionYou control who accesses your S3 Object Storage. You can define access rights individually using access control lists, ensuring that your data security is maintained at all times.
Fast setupQuickly and easily integrate IONOS Cloud S3 Object Storage into your IT infrastructure by using our S3 API, Compute Engine's Data Center Designer, third-party SDKs, or an S3-compatible client to configure your S3 buckets or transfer your storage objects to the cloud.

S3 Object Storage pricing

1 GB storage

Up to 50 TB

(≤50 TB)

$0.018/GBfor 30 days

Next 450 TB

(> 50 TB ≤ 500 TB)

$0.017/GBfor 30 days

Over 500 TB

(> 500 TB)

$0.016/GBfor 30 days
1 GB traffic
Incomingno charge
API access/usage
PUT, COPY, POST, LIST$0.048for 10,000 calls
GET$0.003for 10,000 calls
DELETEno chargefor 10,000 calls
Data storage/retrieval
Data storage (write)no charge
Data retrieval (read)no charge
1 TB = 1,024 GB | All IONOS Cloud products (Compute Engine, S3 Object Storage, Managed Kubernetes) sold by IONOS Cloud Inc. are for commercial sale only. Terms and conditions apply.

Get started in minutes

Try out S3 Object Storage with $500 in credit for 30 days — no commitment, contracts, or hidden costs.


Test all the benefits of S3 Object Storage for 30 days — without a contract or any hidden fees. Simply register for a free account.

Easy setup

Configure your S3 buckets and then transfer the storage objects to the cloud. To do this, use our S3 API or the Data Center Designer in the Compute Engine.

Good to go immediately

Your S3 Object Storage is available immediately after configuration and can be integrated directly in your applications.

S3 Object Storage

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

You can find the complete IONOS API documentation at DevOpsCentral.

The IONOS Cloud also offers free 24/7 support to help you with any problems.

IONOS Cloud S3 Object Storage can be accessed via the IONOS Data Center Designer (DCD) by clicking on the corresponding menu item in the menu bar. This opens the Object Storage Management Console, a graphical interface that allows you to manage your objects.

Contract owners and administrators can start using IONOS S3 Object Storage immediately and enable this feature for other users.

Access points

In addition to the DCD, the IONOS S3 Object Storage can also be accessed externally via an API with the following access points:

IONOS S3 Object Storage API:


Via IONOS S3 Object Storage hosted websites: