Managed Database Services

Time-saving database services

  • Enterprise-grade architecture managed by experts
  • Flexible solutions tailored to your requirements
  • Leading security in ISO-certified data centers
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Managed Databases

Database operation made easy

While businesses focus on digital transformation and developing their processes, using external expertise can minimize the burden on internal resources. Database operation is one area where you can save time.

Companies, associations, and public service providers need tailored and reliable solutions. With our managed database service, you'll get tailored support to help you build and operate databases regardless of your business environment.

We work with a range of partners who are experts in operating databases and applications in the cloud. They’ll help you choose the right solutions and ensure the smooth running of your managed databases.

Comprehensive managed database service

Get consultation, provisioning and operation in one service.

First-class professional support

From the original idea to a productive system, you will have expert support throughout the entire journey. In collaboration with our experienced professional service partners, we're here to answer any questions and help get a broad portfolio of database systems up and running. Supported systems include:

  • MySQL


  • PostgreSQL

  • MongoDB

  • Redis

  • Oracle Database Server

  • And more
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Working together to implement your ideas

Our specialized support team is here around the clock to make any changes or optimizations you need.

The service also provides:

A thorough needs analysis and architectural advice

Provision of infrastructure resources on the IONOS Cloud platform

Help in setting up databases to meet your demands

Procurement and management of software licenses

Secure configurations with maximum data protection

Regular backups, monitoring, and error notification

Constant database updates and adaptions as needed

A fluid process with short response times

Find the right database partner

Let us know what you need and we'll pass on your request to one of our registered partners.