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Cloud Computing

Any workload, any platform

PostgreSQL is an open-source database system with a huge range of possible applications. Built on reviewed, high-quality code, it provides an extremely stable system for any use case, from straightforward web apps to demanding production environments.

PostgreSQL can be used as the basis for classic relational SQL databases with transactional and static pages, as well as a NoSQL solution for storing JSON elements and geometry data.

PostgreSQL server system with applications

Customize your CPU, RAM and storage

Get database resources that can be completely tailored to your needs. With IONOS Cloud, you can adapt components like CPU, RAM and storage capacity to meet your needs at any time. Choose flexible vertical scaling according to your requirements, or go with ready-made presets (best practices) for different scenarios.

No matter how complex the data type or how large the data volume, PostgreSQL provides maximum compatibility for every use case. This means that every kind of transaction has the necessary security.

Flexible scaling of PostgreSQL components

PostgreSQL and IONOS Cloud

99.95% SLA uptime

We host your PostgreSQL databases in our ISO 27001 data centers with 99.95% availability (SLA uptime). In the case of an outage, our secondary systems keep your databases working.

Fully customizable

Build your databases exactly to your needs. IONOS Cloud gives you full flexibility to configure them with RAM, CPU and storage as required.

Flexible uses

Designed for complex SQL-structured data, PostgreSQL can also be used to handle JSON document storage or geometry data. PostgreSQL is object-relational and expands with storage capacity.

No vendor lock-in

PostgreSQL is open source, so you're not dependent on a single provider or bound to any proprietary code or technology.

Better cost optimization

With no contract and no license fees, PostgreSQL offers the expertise of 30 years' development while keeping your project's costs down.

Secure and compliant

We run ISO 27001-certified data centers in close proximity to the peering points at primary network nodes. Not only does this mean maximium security, but also full compliance with the EU's GDPR.

PostgreSQL features

Dedicated resourcesGet enterprise-grade performance on brand-name hardware.
PITR backupsRestore a previous version of your database from the last seven days.
Vertical scalingAdjust your database resources vertically so you always have the performance level needed for your workloads.
Online encryption (SSL/TLS)Your data is protected by SSL/TLS.
Backup encryptionWe protect your backups with an extra characteristic for additional data security.
Managed solutionMap different workloads easily and quickly while we take care of updates, security patches, deployment and database monitoring.
Monitoring, incl. health metricsBy keeping track of your central database metrics, we can balance resources if needed.
API, SDK and DCD integrationChoose from different database provisioning tools.
Access to log filesEvaluate access data and other information via log files.
Cluster cloningSimplify teamwork with cluster cloning.

PostgreSQL use cases

Use case

Highly available application databases

With PostgreSQL, you can protect your whole database structure using various replication and failover scenarios. IONOS Cloud provides highly available databases with low latency for each of your workloads, all hosted in geoedundant data centers. By choosing our managed solution, you’re free to focus on your development and production environment, while we take care of the rest.
Use case

Powerful microservice architecture

Stay flexible throughout the development phase. Create compartmentalized tasks with microservices and a modular structure. IONOS Cloud and PostgreSQL help you to divide up work processes functionally, propelling your project forwards. When working with complex systems, you can rely on robust security and guaranteed performance of the application as a whole.


Tailor PostgreSQL to your needs or use specially configured presets.
Dedicated core (2 threads)$0.072/core/hr
SSD Premium$0.32/GB/30 days
SSD Standard$0.15/GB/30 days
HDD$0.0533/GB/30 days
S3 Backup$0.018/GB/30 days
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