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Cloud Computing

DDoS Protect

Uninterrupted protection for your virtual data center

  • Intelligent attack prevention
  • Always-on threat detection
  • Automatic failure mitigation
  • 24/7 DDoS expert support

Protect your IT against increasing attacks

Safeguard your cloud infrastructure

The number of malicious and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have dramatically increased over the last few years — raising the chances that your IT infrastructure may one day be compromised.

Just in the first half of 2020 alone, there were over 4.8 million DDoS attacks around the world.

As a result, IT administrators have to ensure resilience and availability, even as attacks become increasingly complex. The DDoS Protect Advanced solution from IONOS helps combat malicious activity.

DDoS Attacks

Why do I need professional security?

Data from NETSCOUT underscores why cyber protection is vital.
Number of attacks 4.83 Millions

DDoS attacks in H1 2020

The global number of DDoS attacks in the first half of 2020.


Increase compared to 2019

The number of attacks worldwide has increased significantly compared to the previous year.


Decrease of avg. attack duration

The increase in shorter attacks makes them more complex and more obscure.

Always-on attack detection and automatic mitigation

Delivering protection and reliability

As a leading provider of IaaS and PaaS solutions with carrier-grade service levels, IONOS Cloud consistently delivers renowned DDoS protection.

IONOS Cloud DDoS Protect is a managed Distributed Denial of Service defense mechanism, which ensures that your IONOS hosted IT infrastructure remains secure and resilient. The service is already available in most of our data centers.

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DDoS Protection

IONOS Cloud DDoS options

Choose either DDoS Protect Basic or DDoS Protect Advanced.

DDoS Protect Basic

Free of charge

DDoS Protect Advanced
DDoS traffic filtering Your service needs to be available at all times. All suspicious traffic is redirected to our filtering platform, with only genuine traffic allowed to continue to your server.
Always-on attack detection by default DDoS Protect is always on by default for your virtual data center and does not require any additional configuration or subscription.
Automatic mitigation Every time an attack is identified, our system automatically triggers DDoS mitigation by filtering the DDoS traffic and only lets genuine traffic through.
Common layer 3 and 4 attack protection DDoS Protect provides security for all of your virtual resources and installations on the IONOS Cloud, protecting against common volumetric and protocol attacks on the network and transport layers such as UDP and SYN floods.
24/7 DDoS expert support You get 24/7 access to DDoS experts. The team can help you with ongoing DDoS attacks and any related issues.
Proactive support and instant notifications The IONOS DDoS support team will respond to a DDoS attack on your cloud resources and notify you immediately.
On-demand IP specific DDoS filtering If you suspect or anticipate a DDoS attack at any time, you can enable DDoS filtering for a specific IP address or server. All the traffic directed towards that IP address will be forced to pass through the IONOS Cloud filtering platform.
On-demand attack diagnosis A detailed report on the DDoS attack will be sent to you on request, explaining the kind of attack and other relevant details.

DDoS Protect

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

One common way of getting anti-DDoS protection is to use a DDoS protection service or DDoS protector like DDoS Protect. A DDoS protector filters malicious data streams to prevent your IT infrastructure from being overloaded by denial of service attacks.

Read our guide to learn more about DDoS and DoS attack patterns and countermeasures.

DDoS attacks fall into three categories:

  • Bandwidth overload
  • System resource overload
  • Exploitation of software bugs and security vulnerabilities

Using a DDoS protector can protect your infrastructure from any of these attack types. You can learn more about DDoS in our guide.

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