Cloud DNS
Seamless access to your online services
  • Simplified DNS records management
  • Enhanced security for your DNS infrastructure
  • Efficient global Anycast network
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Benefits at a glance

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DNS record management

Easily manage public DNS records. Create, read, update, enable/disable, or delete DNS zones and records effortlessly. Import and export zones for easy migration. Also supports managing Reverse DNS (PTR) records for IPv4 & IPv6 addresses.


Automate DNS configurations with the IONOS REST API, Terraform provider, and Go SDK. Gain flexibility, scalability, and precision in record management, ensuring seamless control over your DNS settings.

External DNS

Enable automatic DNS record updates for Kubernetes services. Keep DNS records in sync with dynamic infrastructure changes, reducing manual intervention. Guarantee consistent service availability for your applications with simplified DNS management.


Enhance DNS security by creating DNSSEC keys. These cryptographic keys act as digital signatures, ensuring data authenticity. Strengthen security and protect against DNS spoofing and cache poisoning for a more secure online experience.

Cost predictability

Unlike some providers, IONOS charges only for created zones, not DNS queries. Benefit from transparent pricing, avoiding surprises for better budget planning.

Geo Redundancy icon
Maximum availability

Trust in the reliability of global infrastructure distributed across 14 point-of-presence (POP) locations. With 20+ million globally managed zones, you’re ensured maximum availability via geo-based Anycast networking. Experience low latencies, regardless of your location.

Transparent prices

With Cloud DNS from IONOS, you only pay for the zones you manage and not per query. This allows you to calculate your costs and scale up easily.

Public Zone (Primary / Secondary)

$2.21 / zone / 30 days

Reverse DNS record (PTR)


Public Zone (Primary / Secondary)

$2.21 / zone / 30 days

Reverse DNS record (PTR)


Get started with Cloud DNS

  1. Register: Create your admin account in just a few steps. It's secured with 2-factor authentication.

  2. Set up: Configure your server, data storage and network connection via drag and drop in the Data Center Designer or API.

  3. Get started: Productive operation can start within minutes of configuring your virtual data center.

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Tailored to every use case

No matter what you use Cloud DNS for, you'll get a seamless, secure user experience.


Reliable hosting for multiple applications

Ensure resilience for systems based on cloud infrastructure or distributed systems.

  • Intelligently route traffic to different application endpoints
  • Distribute loads across multiple servers
  • Implement efficient failover mechanisms
  • Increase redundancy and reliability with secondary DNS


Global balancing of peak loads

Establish a self-regulating system based on the dynamic IONOS DNS service.

  • Automatically and efficiently balance global load peaks
  • Optimize the performance values of your applications
  • Increase usability through lower latency times


Efficient microservice management

Optimize infrastructures based on microservices and benefit from dynamic routing.

  • Assign service names to the corresponding IP addresses or endpoints
  • Increase performance through automated cluster service discovery
  • Dynamically control DNS entries using ExternalDNS via Kubernetes resources

Want to learn more?

Introduction & first steps

With the Data Center Designer (DCD)'s graphical user interface, you can create a fully functional virtual data center via drag and drop. Find out more about the possibilities of the DCD in our documentation.


Get the most out of the IONOS Cloud with a range of APIs and integration tools. Learn all about setting up servers and storage, configuring networks and other IONOS IaaS solutions

Create your own public cloud
  • Intuitive IONOS Data Center Designer
  • No setup fees or fixed-term contracts
  • Free 24/7 SysAdmin support

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We're proud to provide business-critical infrastructure across a wide range of sectors.

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