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Data Center Designer

IONOS makes it easy to use IaaS: use the patented Data Center Designer (DCD) to create and deploy your virtual data centre in a matter of minutes. The Cloud REST API lets you automate operations. SDKs, tutorials, and best practices from the DevOps community facilitate effective use of the cloud. To the Data Center Designer

API automation

Use a modern cloud REST API for the quick and simple configuration of your server, data storage, and network connections. Dedicated migration paths ensure easy integration of your current IT environments. To the cloud REST API

IONOS S3 Object Storage

Object Storage, a highly scalable, cost-efficient solution that is fully compliant with the S3 standard, lets you store large volumes of unstructured, static data (e.g. archives, backups, multimedia files, raw material for big data analyses) for permanent safekeeping or downstream use. IONOS S3 Object Storage is easy to integrate via API, and stored objects can be accessed and loaded at any time by http. There are guarantees in place to ensure that the data is stored in compliance with data privacy requirements and that users are able to choose the storage location. Authentication methods applied by the user for secure data encryption are taken into account. Learn more about IONOS S3 Object Storage

Backup solution

The powerful and versatile backup solution by Compute Engine enables users to store unlimited (theoretically), quantities of data in German data centers, that offer complete security according to ISO 27001 certification. You can easily restore complete systems, files, database elements, or applications at any time. Data cables with capacities of up to 10 Gbit/s ensure smooth transmissions, even for full backups. Learn more about backup solutions

Future-proof virtualization

You benefit from the Compute Engine’s powerful, kernel-based virtualization technology without any over provisioning or over commitment. Harness the fully dedicated computing power of each CPU — a virtual CPU in the Compute Engine always delivers the same performance as a physical processor core.

High performance networking

We offer you unbeatable flexibility and speed thanks to highly-efficient software defined networking for simple network configuration and management. Combined with InfiniBand — a network technology from the field of high-performance computing — we are able to deliver transmission rates of up to 80 Gbit/s. Learn more about software defined networking

Dedicated performance

Thanks to different data centre locations in Germany and the United States as well as mirrored systems, your servers are optimally protected against failure. Our security measures, quality-driven IT services (ITIL/ITS), and extensive service level agreements ensure that your IT infrastructure is up and running smoothly at all times. Learn more about our data centers

Storage with dual redundancy

Our reliable cloud storage with dual redundancy as HDD/SSD block storage and the IONOS S3 Object Storage offer you affordable, flexible, and scalable solutions that are perfect for any application scenario – hosted in US and German data centres with uncompromising data protection. Learn more about cloud storage

Live Vertical Scaling

It’s entirely up to you how much RAM, processor power, and hard drive storage you want to work with. There are no prefab packages — resources are freely selectable and can be scaled up without interruption at any time (live vertical scaling). This means you only pay for the services you actually need. Learn more about live vertical scaling

Use-based costs

The simple pricing model for the Compute Engine is based on 4 price parameters (cores, RAM, storage, traffic) within a pay-as-you-go system and per-minute billing. This means that costs are transparent and easy to calculate, even when your requirements change often. Contact us for a detailed quotation or use our price calculator for a quick and reliable estimate of what your virtual data centre is likely to cost. Calculate your costs now

No fixed contract periods

You benefit from a convincing price/performance ratio and a transparent pricing model with per-minute billing and no contractual commitment. Save up to 20% compared to on-premises operation. There is no contractual commitment, so you can also downscale your resources at any time.

24/7 SysAdmin support

We offer first-class SysAdmin support 24/7 to ensure professional technical assistance with a contact partner for the customer. Our customer service is user friendly, and your concerns will be dealt with exclusively by system administrators with years of practical experience.

Professional cloud consulting

You can get free advice from our cloud experts and clarify your specific project requirements and questions concerning your virtual infrastructure before implementing your cloud projects. We will gladly assist with a highly practical proof-of-concept. Request advice now

Our prices

1 Core

Choose between AMD & Intel® Core™

from$0.024per hour
template$0.0071per hour
1 GB Storage

Choose between HDD & SSD

from$0.0533per 30 days
1 GB Traffic

Free incoming & internal traffic

from$0.036per GB
Complete cost control and transparency
Pay only for what you use with precise per-minute billing
No fixed contract periods

Prices for the individual cloud components

1 Core


per hour



per hour


Intel® Skylake

per hour


1 GB Storage


per 30 days


SSD Standard

per 30 days


SSD Premium

per 30 days



per 30 days



per 30 days



per hour


1 GB Traffic

Outgoing (For the first 10 TB (≤ 10 TB))


Outgoing (For the next 40 TB (> 10 TB ≤ 50 TB))


Outgoing (For the next 100 TB (> 50 TB ≤ 150 TB))


Outgoing (Over 150 TB (> 150 TB))






Reserved IP address

per 30 days


AMD and Intel® Cores are available in the following data centers: New Jersey, Las Vegas, Frankfurt, and Karlsruhe. | Intel® Skylake is available in the following data centers: Berlin and London. | 1 TB (terabyte) is equivalent to 1,024 GB (gigabytes) | Incoming traffic towards any kind of VM (virtual machine) instance such as Compute Engine or Cubes as well as IONOS S3 Object Storage is always free of charge. Tiered pricing is always applied to all outgoing traffic (accumulated from VM instances and IONOS S3 Object Storage), and the total amount is listed on the invoice. For outgoing VM traffic, the following definitions apply:

  1. Local traffic is traffic between VMs exchanged within the same IONOS Cloud data center. This applies to traffic via private as well as public networks.
  2. Regional traffic is VM traffic between IONOS Cloud data centers within the same region (Germany: Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Berlin or the US: Las Vegas, Piscataway) via public networks. VM traffic between IONOS Cloud data centers in different regions is recorded as public traffic. IONOS Cloud operates various IONOS S3 Object Storage at different locations. For traffic from a VM to an IONOS S3 Object Storage, the definitions of local, regional and public traffic apply in the recording of network costs. The traffic from a VM to an IONOS S3 Object Storage within the same data center is recorded as local traffic. Traffic from a VM to an IONOS S3 Object Storage within the same region but between different data centers is considered regional traffic. Traffic from a VM to an IONOS S3 Object Storage in a data center in another region is charged as public traffic. Outgoing traffic from an IONOS S3 Object Storage is always charged as public traffic and the definitions of local and regional traffic do not apply, even when this traffic is addressed to another IONOS S3 Object Storage in a different data center, or to a VM instance independent of its deployment location. | All IONOS Cloud products (Compute Engine, IONOS S3 Object Storage, Managed Kubernetes) sold by IONOS Cloud Inc. are for commercial sale only. Terms and conditions apply. All prices for the IONOS Cloud products are exclusive of applicable taxes and duties, including VAT and applicable sales tax.

Professional cloud consulting from experts

Are you interested in migrating all your IT or individual projects to the cloud? Our experts will gladly give you helpful, individual, and free advice.

Cloud infrastructure is cheaper than on-site solutions

Our experts can show you how to cut your IT costs by as much as 20% with the Compute Engine. We will calculate your individual total cost of ownership compared to on-premises operation.

The right setup for your requirements

We help you determine what kind of IT infrastructure you need. In close collaboration with you, we identify the optimal solution for your cloud architecture.

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Microsoft licences for the Compute Engine

Microsoft Windows OS

AMD-Core (2008, 2012, 2016, 2019, 2022)

per hour


Intel® Core™ (2008, 2012, 2016, 2019, 2022)

per hour


Microsoft SQL Server


Web Edition (2012, 2016, 2017)

per hour


Server Standard (2012, 2016, 2017)

per hour


Enterprise Edition (2012, 2016, 2017)

per hour


All prices for the Compute Engine and IONOS S3 Object Storage are exclusive of applicable taxes and duties, including VAT and applicable sales tax.

Free services


24/7 telephone and email support

Internal traffic

Storage-IOPS (input/output operations per second)


Per-minute billing

No fixed contract periods

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