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Cloud Computing

Optimal horizontal scaling with replication and sharding

Stay flexible in handling and modeling your data by using MongoDB, a document-based database system that ensures full data integrity, enabling you to add additional nodes to accommodate growing data volumes and associated queries.

  • Increase the availability of your databases up to a true high availability solution using replica sets.
  • Benefit from high data throughput combined with low fault tolerance via sharding by distributing requests across the cluster.

MongoDB visualisation

Flexible data schemes for high-performance data analysis

MongoDB gives you complete control of your complex data from day one. Develop the design you need to merge, interpret, and analyze your data effectively. Unlike classic SQL database systems, MongoDB is a NoSQL database, based on collections that contain multiple documents and can be used flexibly without having to adhere to fixed schemas.

The openness of the data schema allows you to perform analyses based on multiple data sources that can be separately handled, stored, prepared, and analyzed. The native MongoDB Query Language (MQL) also has numerous connectors that offer seamless connection with programming languages such as Python, Ruby or Node.js.

Data Analysis MongoDB visualisation

Peace of mind with a managed MongoDB

An IONOS Cloud managed MongoDB lets you focus on your data. We take care of hosting from installation, ongoing operations, and maintenance, giving you reliable high-performance databases in the cloud. This includes continuous health metrics monitoring, load balancing, and various tools (IONOS API, SDKs, config tool) to configure and control your databases, enabling you to deploy MongoDB as a fully automated Infrastructure as Code (IaC) component.

Plus, you can easily align MongoDB to new requirements and logistics within the IONOS cloud — with both scale outs and scale ups possible at any time.

Managed MongoDB visualisation

Advantages of IONOS Cloud managed MongoDB at a glance

99.95% SLA uptime

The IONOS ISO 27001 certified data centers hosting your MongoDB include 99.95% availability (SLA uptime) — expandable at any time with secondary systems to significantly increase availability.

Horizontal scaling

Effortlessly increase your required capacity during projects and adapt it to evolving needs. MongoDB grows with your storage capacity and enables analysis of any form of unstructured data.

GDPR conform

The IONOS ISO 27001 certified cloud research centers are located in close proximity to the peering points of primary network nodes such as DE-CIX, meeting the highest possible standards and is in line with the principles of the GDPR.

Complete compatibility

MongoDB hosting on IONOS Cloud makes things simple. Use MongoDB in its original version on IONOS Cloud with the flexibility to change provider anytime.

Optimal hardware

MongoDB is available in various predefined configurations, specifically for use on the IONOS Cloud. Select the right variant for your application, simply based on the required values (RAM, CPU, storage) and on proven brand hardware.

Managed solution

Map different workloads easily, quickly, and directly. We take care of updates, security patches, deployment, and monitoring of your databases.

Tailored to your workload

Exemplary MongoDB use cases

Use case

MongoDB for user-optimized CMS

MongoDB enables you to develop and launch your own content management system for your web presence in no time at all. The advantage of this MongoDB solution is that texts, graphics, and videos can be managed in a common pool, as well as, being addressed and played out on mobile devices particularly quickly. Up-to-date content can be published anytime within minutes, and in a wide variety of formats.

Use case

MongoDB for personalization

Due to its non-relational approach, MongoDB can be used to connect and analyze many different files. This makes it possible to create real-time analyses from multi-structured assets and deliver results tailored to the user’s needs. Whether it is an e-commerce shop, online insurance, or a trading platform — with MongoDB the possibilities for creating online experiences tailored to users’ needs is endless.

Use case

MongoDB for the internet of things

The internet of things (IoT) offers companies many possible applications and possibilities for innovation. By networking different devices, they can improve productivity, redefine their business models, and increase operational efficiency. MongoDB helps realize a business’ full potential by supporting all types of data generated by IoT devices. It also scales easily as new devices are added and more data is generated and processed.

MongoDB features

ResourcesComing soon
Storage50 GB50 – 1.280 GB50 – 1.280 GB
RAM2 GB2 – 128 GB2 – 128 GB
vCPU11 – 321 – 32
Instances11, 31, 3, 5, 7
Major Versions5 and 65 and 65 and 6
Uptime SLA (99.95%)
DCD Frontend IntegrationComing soon
API IntegrationComing soon
SDK Integration (Python, Go-Lang, etc..)Coming soon
Tool Integration (Terraform, Ansible, Chef, Puppet)Coming soon
PITR Archive Timevariable up to 30 days
Daily Backup retention (optional)7 daysvariable up to 120 days
On demand Snapshots (permanent)Coming soon
Elastic scala­bility
Zero-Downtime-Maintenance / Updates

(for 3 nodes)

Coming soon
Scaling VerticalComing soon
Scaling HorizontalComing soon
Autoscaling ComputeComing soon
Autoscaling StorageComing soon
Metro-Region availabilityComing soonComing soon
Read-only NodesComing soonComing soon
Database ShardingComing soon
Monitoring and alerting
Health, Throughput, Performance and Utilization metricsComing soonComing soonComing soon
Configurable AlertsComing soonComing soonComing soon
Access to LogfilesComing soon
IP access listsComing soonComing soon
User Authentication and AuthorizationComing soon
Disk Encryption at RestComing soon
Online Encryption (TLS/SSL)Coming soon
Client-side field-level EncryptionComing soon
Backup EncryptionComing soon
Bring your own KeyComing soon
Granular Database AuditingComing soon
IAM Identity and Access Management
Role Based Access Controls (RBAC)Coming soon
LDAP integrationComing soon
Beyond the database
MongoDB BI ConnectorComing soon
MongoDB CompassComing soon
On-Demand Training from MongoDB (University)Coming soon
On-Demand Consulting from MongoDBComing soon
On-Demand IONOS Professional ServiceComing soon
24/7 Enterprise SupportComing soon
Initial Response Times6 hrs.1 hr.


Choose based on your needs in the form of specially configured presets
Playground Edition
For the first instance12 GB50 GB

$0 / Instance / hr.

$0 / Instance / 30 days

For all additional instances12 GB50 GB

$0.042 / Instance / hr.

$31.20 / Instance / 30 days

Business Edition
XS12 GB50 GB

$0.042 / Instance / hr.

$31.20 / Instance / 30 days

S24 GB80 GB

$0.084 / Instance / hr.

$61.20 / Instance / 30 days

M48 GB160 GB

$0.168 / Instance / hr.

$121.20 € / Instance / 30 days

L616 GB320 GB

$0.336 / Instance / hr.

$242.40 / Instance / 30 days

XL832 GB640 GB

$0.672 / Instance / hr.

$484.80 / Instance / 30 days

XXL1664 GB960 GB

$1.356 / Instance / hr.

$976.80 / Instance / 30 days

4XL32128 GB1280 GB

$2.724/ Instance / hr.

$1962.00 / Instance / 30 days

Enterprise Edition
Coming soon
Backup Storage$0.018 / GB / 30 days
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