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The perfect cloud to reach your goals

The perfect add-on to your IT infrastructure

Why choose the IONOS Cloud

The IONOS Cloud is the perfect choice for customers looking for additional fast, flexible, and inexpensive computing or hardware capacities to supplement their hosted or dedicated IONOS server.

  • Test our modern cloud technologies, including Kubernetes, big data, machine learning, Gitlab or MongoDB database.
  • Use cloud without a fixed contract with our pay-as-you-go model.
  • Support for your hybrid or multi-cloud needs.
Special programs from IONOS

IONOS offers a number of special programs to support your transition to the IONOS Cloud. Whether you're a startup, run an agency, or are a representative for a ISV or MSP, there's a program to support you.

  • Agency program
  • ISV programm
  • MSP/Reseller program
  • Startup program

Advantages of the IONOS Cloud

No fixed term contracts

The IONOS Cloud offers a transparent pricing model that's scalable and adaptable to your needs without a fixed term contract.

Pay-as-you-go pricing

All cloud computing resources and services are billed by the minute according to actual usage.

A dedicated contact person

All IONOS Cloud customers have their own dedicated account manager. Plus, our customers also enjoy 24/7 support from our seasoned cloud consultants.

No vendor lock-in

With our solutions and products, you’re not dependent on any specific vendors. The IONOS Cloud offers you only open-source solutions.

Wide network of partners

IONOS uses carefully selected cloud service providers to support your unique needs, offering advice on our innovative cloud solutions.

Data privacy with principles

We're committed to your data's security. With ISO 27001 certification, we adhere to the highest standards of data protection.

Possible cloud use cases

Expand your IT resources at short notice

Complex projects sometimes outgrow data center hardware. The IONOS Cloud lets you quickly add resources, minimizing downtime and speeding up your work.

Outsource IT projects sustainably

Stalled IT projects due to delayed hardware? Shift projects to the cloud to avoid customer disappointment. Benefit from flexible resources and pay-per-use, keeping time-to-market short.

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Offer web services and apps

Launching new web apps or services is challenging, with many companies struggling to expand due to limited server capacity. Yet, there's no need to fear lost revenue or customer dissatisfaction. The IONOS Cloud offers a solution with our virtual data centers.

Our cloud products and services

With the IONOS Cloud you can merge products and services you actually need.

Compute Engine

With IONOS, you benefit from a easy-to-use and high-performance cloud infrastructure that can also be easily docked to your existing IT.


Benefit from preconfigured and cost-effective virtual servers at enterprise level for simple workloads or as a development or test environment.

Managed Kubernetes

IONOS Managed Kubernetes are the ideal platform for high-performance and highly scalable container applications.

IONOS S3 Object Storage

IONOS S3 Object Storage is the flexible, simple and cost-effective storage solution for particularly extensive data.

Backup by Acronis

The backup function fully integrated in Compute Engine for your data backup scenarios. Your data can be backed up and restored directly in the IONOS Cloud.


The popular NoSQL database lets you create high-availability setups with little effort. Thanks to the flexible database model, it's suitable for every use case


Create individually configured PostgreSQL databases with minimal effort, leaving the database management for your complex applications and workloads to us.

Load Balancer

With our load balancers, you can achieve intelligent load distribution of your traffic. This protects your cloud from outages, especially at peak times. Find out more about the Managed Application Load Balancer or Managed Network Load Balancer.

Why register again to access our cloud services?

Our cloud services, created from a Berlin tech acquisition, are offered separately, requiring a new registration.

With dedicated consultants, we tailor solutions to fit your needs or connect you with the ideal partner for bigger cloud migrations.


Find out more about how we can help you get started with the IONOS Cloud.