Storage as a Service meets EU GDPR requirements

Storage as a Service (STaaS) by IONOS Cloud guarantees storage and archiving of data entirely in compliance with EU GDPR

The European General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) entered into force on 25 May 2018. It defines how companies are required to handle sensitive data. Qualified data storage and archiving requirements now apply. Small to medium-sized enterprises must now select a suitable and cost-efficient cloud storage solution (e.g. IONOS S3 Object Storage) as a matter of urgency. More about IONOS S3 Object Storage

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The EU GDPR also requires companies in Germany and Europe to ensure storage of personal data.

This ensures data sovereignty. There is no room left for “dark data,” i.e. data concealed from the public eye.

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highly secure
meticulously traceable
rigorously logged
individually erasable

Why you need a secure IONOS S3 Object Storage cloud solution to meet EU GDPR requirements

Each company is facing two separate challenges: data needs to be retrievable on short notice, and there must be a central data repository for long-term storage where data can be archived securely for the respective statutory retention period. It is therefore crucial to know immediately where any piece of information is stored.

What’s more, companies are required to restore the availability of personal data and access to the information quickly in the event of a physical or technical incident (Art. 32 (1b) GDPR). Each organisation is therefore obliged to create backups and to archive data, and storage systems need to be up and running at all times.

Updated technical solutions must be implemented to protect data that is subject to storage requirements from unintentional processing, alteration, destruction, theft or loss.

More about IONOS S3 Object Storage

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Secure cloud storage in Germany is the solution!

Cloud providers always implement the latest storage technology. IONOS S3 Object Storage provides the ideal solution for your backup and archiving requirements. After all, data kept with IONOS Cloud is accessible at all times and stored in data centers operated in Germany.

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What makes IONOS S3 Object Storage so ideal for backing up and archiving data?

Magnetic tapes are perishable and come with the risk of creating proprietary data silos.

IONOS S3 Object Storage is a real alternative to magnetic tapes as a long-term storage medium. While magnetic tapes are still cheaper than hard drive storage and are certainly able to store data continuously and reliably for many years, there are unfortunately many different types of mutually incompatible magnetic tapes. And the data stored on these tapes may even become unreadable if the drives that are used to read them are no longer available. Archiving software providers cause difficulties as well: they insist on proprietary writing formats, which means that it is impossible to ensure that magnetic tapes will remain readable in the future.

IONOS S3 Object Storage offers many advantages compared to magnetic tapes (and hard drives)

Higher reliability

Replication to multiple storage nodes with no additional costs or administrative workload and thus reliable storage.

Particularly inexpensive storage

Object Storage does not require expensive storage arrays. Storage providers use standard servers – and the customer benefits from significant cost benefits. Click here for IONOS S3 Object Storage prices.

Extreme durability

No vendor lock-in of data thanks to the de-facto standard "Simple Storage Service (S3)." Data migration is possible at any time. Provider-independent.

Highly flexible

Object Storage comes with infinite scalability that is not limited to 12 or 50 TB as is the case even for state-of-the-art magnetic tape or file systems.

No wear

Magnetic tapes are not designed for frequent read/write cycles. Object Storage is. Even in parallel, despite low IOPS.

Easy integration

IONOS S3 Object Storage is supported by modern backup and archiving software. Migration to IONOS S3 Object Storage is possible at any time. Easy integration via REST API.


IONOS S3 Object Storage has a multiply redundant design. Disaster recovery is possible at any time. Versioning allows various data inventories. Lifecycle management limits the data volume by defining time limits for storage.